Amanda Hicks

Lecturer & Learning Specialist
Professional Development in Education

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  • EP 1:  Introduction

  • EP 2:  Importance of Multidisciplinary Care in Children with Learning Difficulties

  • EP 3:  Importance of Phonological Awareness

  • EP 4:  Why should we assess?


Working Memory & Learning


Differentiation in Material & Environment
- Cognitive Load Theory
- Working Memory Theory


Wellbeing & Learning Difficulties
My Approach

I have lectured to over 10,000+ educators and health professionals over the past 8 years. My approach is that lectures should not only provide research and evidence based information but give real life and practical strategies that teachers can use immediately. 

I  believe that lectures should not have you grabbing a third or fourth coffee before first break but be engaging, dynamic and dare I say enjoyable. 

About me

I have over 25 years in education, research and academia. Working within primary, secondary, tertiary, government and business environments I am able to bridge the gap between research and practise. 

I love to study and use that information to improve the wellbeing of the individuals, families and organisations I serve. 

PD Service Options

I have many options available for schools and individuals to undertake

my accredited PD.


In School






I have been to so many PDs over my long career and non can compare to Amanda's phenomenal presentation. 



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