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About Amanda

Amanda Hicks

MPhilEd (research), MAEdst, MSW (current), BA, GradDipEd, GradCertTESOL

Educational Specialist

I have a passion for knowledge and sharing that information with colleagues and families.

I have worked across all educational sectors, catholic, government, and independent schools in primary and secondary.  

I have also worked at the University of Newcastle as a Lecturer in the School of Education and as a Tertiary Supervisor of undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

My other positions include working in private practice for over 15 years, assisting families with children and adolescents with learning difficulties and disabilities. This also includes working alongside adults with a history of learning issues. 

In addition, I have worked closely with DCJ and many NGOs across the Hunter Region and interstate, assisting individuals with support in education, behaviour, and learning. 

I have studied extensively and have a Master of Philosophy in Education (Research) UON, Master of Educational Studies, Bachelor of Arts,  Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, Graduate Certificate in TESOL and am currently undertaking my Master of Social Work Degree. My research involved looking at working memory and its role in the reading process. It further examined the importance of strategy development in support individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities. 

I have lectured to 100s of schools and 10,000+ teachers over the past 8 years in NSW, interstate, and internationally. I am called on to present at conferences, seminars, and schools present across a wide range of areas. 

Amanda Hicks | Professional Development OZ | Specialist in Education, Psychology, & Wellbeing

I love the "OH" moments when educators link research with practice. You can see the moment they understand why the children and adolescents they are working with learn and behave the way they do.  Knowledge for knowledge sake is useless if we do not apply it to the benefit of our students. Knowledge is more than content, it is more than words we deliver in the classroom. The purpose of knowledge is to improve the wellbeing of each individual, to maximise their autonomy in becoming independent, productive, and happy individuals. 

My passion is for those students who do not learn like others. Those who face difficulties and challenges within our education system and within society. Every child has the human right to equal access to education however despite our best intentions many of these children continue to face daily obstacles.

My goal is to empower educators to question taught knowledge and ask questions not to necessarily challenge the education system but to empower and increase the wellbeing of all students.

Amanda's Approach | Professional Development OZ | Specialist in Education, Psychology, & Wellbeing

Amanda's Approach