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Language, Learning & Cognition


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Language, Learning & Cognition are all intertwined when considering the needs of individual students.  The course is aimed at proficient teachers. It will discuss the stages of development and how deficits in these areas can impact learning.  Understanding the stages of development in language and cognition provides context when teachers are presented with differences in learning from Kindy. The course supports teachers in understanding these differences and how they can differentiate content in order to maximise student success.

Learning Areas:

  • Students with Diverse Needs

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Special Education



1.1.2Use teaching strategies based on knowledge of student's physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics to improve student learning. 

The course content will examine the stages of cognitive, language, and learning development. It will further explore how these stages impact learning and how teachers can adapt content to suit the needs of the individual learner.

1.2.2 – Structure teaching programs using research and collegial advice about how students learn.


The course content will explore the importance of research to learning. It will further examine the necessity of applying research to the development of programs for students with specific learning needs.

1.5.2 – Develop teaching activities that incorporate differentiated strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.

The course content will provide strategies to teachers that will allow for differentiation based on the specific learning needs of their students. It will highlight the need to be attuned to individual learning needs and the importance of strategy support across all KLAs.

Reliable and Relevant Research

Based on the stages of language learning and cognitive development, this course uses the foundations of developmental theory in its support of content