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"A dynamic duo who bring so much knowledge and experience to each course."

"I recommend Amanda to any school. You will not be disappointed."

“Amanda is a gifted educator who has the ability to provide valuable insight into how to assist students with learning difficulties. She is able to disseminate the language of assessments to diagnose learning needs and offers practical suggestions and advice as to how these areas can be catered for in order to improve student achievement levels.”

“Amanda is the reason our teachers now have a clearer understanding of students, in their class, how these students tap into their working memory and what we need to do to help these students.”

"An intuitive educator who can pinpoint the gaps and make real change in children’s lives. Amanda’s knowledge on kids with learning difficulties is vast. Her knowledge is based on years of not only research, but practice which is of prominent importance. Amanda’s knowledge allows her to give well thought out ideas and plans to assist these kids with their learning across all areas. She has the passion to give a holistic look at the individual child and empower the child as well as their teacher to achieve success."

"First time teachers ever cheered during a presentation."

"The course was informative and concise with simple practical strategies to use in the classroom. The topic "Working Memory" is something all teachers should consider to further improve student learning."

"I found this course a wonderful eye opener to the difficulties that some of my students must face on a daily basis. I had no idea how important working memory is to learning and this course has definitely made me think more."

"This course was relevant and useful as it gave clear background information on working memory deficits, indicators for low WM and most importantly, useful classroom strategies than can be used straight away."

"Rachel really knows how to reach each individual in the room."

"Having Rachel's gentle approach really showed us as a school the importance of how language and our disposition impacts our relationships."

"Thanks to Rachel I can really see how my relationship with my students is central to their success. An amazing course and presenter."

"I could listen to Rachel all day."

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