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Working Memory & Learning


  • In-Person

  • Online Recorded

  • ZOOM Live

This presentation will discuss the theory of working memory and its importance to learning across all key learning areas. The presentation will assist teachers in understanding working memory and its relationship to teaching.  The course will provide the latest on working memory research in order to develop the proficient teacher’s understanding of how students learn, strategies required for differentiation, and how to meet the learning needs of all students. Teachers will not only gain specific knowledge but practical strategies that will allow for the standards to be achieved.

This course is aimed at Proficient Teachers and will cover standard 1.1.2, 1.3.2, 1.5.2.

  • What is working memory

  • Working memory and its relationship to learning

  • Identifying working memory deficits in the classroom

  • Strategies for effective differentiation

This NESA accredited course is available online through Teacher Training Australia.